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    FOREX in the industrial fluid control system has been hundred years of history.
    FOREX was founded in 1935 in the United States Miami, Florida. As the technology and product developer in the fluid control system field. FOREX is committed to a variety of fluid systems for the global project to provide the most professional of fluid control technology and highest quality products and services for all types of users of fluid systems to improve system efficiency, equipment performance, energy conservation, thus reducing production costs.
    FOREX advocate: not only provide quality products for all users, but also product manufacturing and services for various aspects of the green world to make a contribution.
Time line
1935: Founded in Miami, Florida.
1946: Incorporated the Foxtyco name. Focused on PVF industry until acquired Jordan Group in 1989.
1957: Opened Houston,TX branch 1963: Entered into the international valve market.
1970: Opened New Brunswick, New Jersey branch.
1976: Foxtyco opened its Canadian branch under the name of Foxtyco Valve Limited.
1984: Precision Actuation Services (PAS) was opened to perform modification & actuation services.
1996: Precision Castparts Corporation (PCC) acquired Foxtyco.
2001: Opened Tianjin, China sales and service center.
2003: Foxtyco was purchased by current partners including original owners.
2004: Opened Carson, CA branch.
2005: Foxtyco Valves, L.P., purchased Cooper Valves from Dresser, Inc.
2007: Completed two foundries, two process centers, The establishment of valve manufacturing base in China.
2008: Opened Atlanta, GA branch, formed joint venture for the Trinity Series TOV
2010: Formed joint venture with ITT,Fluid systems division was renamed the Forex.
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