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Series BR15/BR30
Forex’s Series BR15 & BR30 ball valves feature a compact, one piece body design with threaded insert. The one piece body supplies maximum structural strength while minimizing the number of potential leak paths.
|Series BR15/BR30|
Series BF15/BF30
BF15/BF30 Flanged Series ball valves feature a floating ball design for low torque and increased cycle life. Flanged Series valves with graphite stem seals have been thoroughly fire tested and meet these standards.
|Series BF15/BF30|
Series BR7000/BR8000
The Series BR7000/BR8000 ball valves offer the convenience of a three piece body design at an economical price. The 3 Piece design with a swing out center section allows for ease of in-line and out-of-line maintenance.
|Series BR7000/BR8000|
Series BR-TPS
Series BR-TPS ball valves have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of high purity applications in accordance with ASME BPEa specification.
|Series BR-TPS|
V-port/O-port ball valve
The trunnion ball valve protects its seats by minimizing fluid media velocity contacting upstream seating surfaces during cycles. As the valve closes, fluid media applies pressure to the upstream seat ring urging it against the ball’s upstream sealing lip for leakproof performance.
|V-port/O-port ball valve|
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