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Flowtop control valve
Flowtop BF11 control valve
The FlowTop BF11 control valve is a high-performance, general application valve coupled with the high-thrust P/R pneumatic diaphragm actuator. The modular design allows by using the same body with different types of bonnets, trims and actuators, the reduction of spare parts and offers an interchangeable valve for a broad range of industries and applications.
|Flowtop BF11 control valve|
Flowtop BF12 sleeve control valve
The FlowTop BF12 sleeve control valve is used as an executing element in the instrumentation and remote control systems to control the liquids,vapours and gas flow.The advantageous operating pressures and temperatures,numerous design variations matched to the process requirements are a reason the valves shall be used at the most heavy-duty conditions.
|Flowtop BF12 sleeve control valve|
Flowtop BF12L Low-noise contorl valve
Low noise sleeve control valve mainly design to reduce the compressible fluid noise , in order to meet the gas throttle diffusion and expansion, sleeve which is provided with many symmetrical holes to reduce the pressure drop. The fluid channel in s streamlined, thus control valve pressure drop loss, large flow, low noise.
|Flowtop BF12L Low-noise contorl valve|
Flowtop BF33 rotary globe control valve
Rotary plug control valves BF 33 represent the design of valves, where change in flow ratio is achieved through eccentrically set rotary plug. Such structures are particularly useful for control of flow under heavy-duty conditions, with high probability of cavitation and erosion.
|Flowtop BF33|
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