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In the field of Hydraulic balancing and control, we have been a world leader.We design, product hydraulic balancing and contro components, and provide users with a solution.Ensure that the system is energy-efficient, improve the indoor comfort level.
Pressure independent balancing&control valve
FB-QM series for the variable flow system, due to its consistent with the dynamic balance and control functions in one, only one valve can realize the dynamic balance and control. The end of the flow can be used to precisely set the valve body.Without electric actuator's FB-QM,can be used as the set flow dynamic flow balance valve, is applied to constant flow system.
|Pressure independent balancing&control valve|
Automatic balancing valves
ABV series is used for heating and air conditioning water system's pressure difference control, so as to realize the dynamic hydraulic balance.
|Automatic balancing valves|
Manual presetting valves
MPV Manual presetting valves is used for hydraulic balancing of the traffic system.Balance the flow of heating and cooling systems. MPV is maintenance-free , with position display and trip limit, can make fine adjustments.
|Manual presetting valves|
Two and Three way control valve
LCV5200/5300/5400 series of two-way and three-way valves,provides precise control of the water / steam, and mixed flow control. Can be widely used in the heating, ventilation and HVAC systems.
|Two and Three way control valve|
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