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Float stream traps
The FT float type trap employs the buoyancy and leverage principles: to make the ball float ascend or descend by the change in the liquid level and then the ball float drives the lever to make the valve disc depart from or touch the valve seat to realize drainage and close the block vapor.
|Float stream traps|
Thermo-dynamic steam trap
The valve is applicable in the steam pipeline and equipment to avoid steam leakage and eliminate steam leakage in order to conserve energy and keep from water hammer and other faults.
|Thermo-dynamic steam trap|
Balanced pressure steam traps
The balanced pressure principle is now the most widely accepted for applications where thermostatic steam traps can utilise sensible heat in the condensate and reduce flash steam losses.
|Balanced pressure steam traps|
Bimetallic steam Trap
The thermo-sensitive element of bimetallic trap is a bimetallic element cast through a special process by two metals of different expansion ratio. When the bimetallic element expands after heated, different expansion ratio results in bending.
|Bimetallic steam Trap|
Inverted Bucket Trap
The interior of the inverted bucket steam trap is one of the most strong steam traps among mechanical steam trap, and its strength are shown as follows: can resist water hammer and drain non-condensing air continuously.
|Inverted Bucket Trap|
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