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Float stream traps
The FT float type trap employs the buoyancy and leverage principles: to make the ball float ascend or descend by the change in the liquid level and then the ball float drives the lever to make the valve disc depart from or touch the valve seat to realize drainage and close the block vapor.

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Condensate Systems, General Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Primary Processing, Steam Systems, Utilities

1. Emissions quickly, tightly closed, equipment no water, built-in air vents to ensure that equipment
quickly start and maintain maximum operating eciency.
2. The body is rugged, resistant to water hammer and vibration, to ensure reliable operation.
3. Large displacement, ensure that any conditions without water.
4. Stainless steel internal parts, corrosion-resistant, long service life.
5. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically, the direction of the problem is not exist.
6. Compact, light weight, reducing installation costs.

● Connection:BSP/NPT,Flange DIN2532/EN1092-2、DIN2543-2545/EN1092-1、ANSI B16.5 class150/300
● Applicable temperature:100° C ~220° C
● PMA:40 bar g
● Working pressure dierence:4.5/10/14/21/32 bar
● Applicable size:DN15-DN100
● Body:Ductile iron、Cast steel、Stainless steel
● Bolt:steel ASTM A193 B7
● Internal device:Stainless steel

Forex FT type steam trap technical brochure

FT Series Float Steam Trap.pdf

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