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Disc check valve
The Forex Disc check valves provides an effective minimal maintenance free solution for the prevention of reverse flow in pipelines carrying most types of liquids, steam and gases.Designed to fit between two pipeline flanges, they provide a compact installation when compared size for size with conventional swing and lift type check valves.
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Lift check valve
Prevent reverse flow, protecting any item of equipment that can be affected by this action.Reduce the pressure surges associated with hydraulic forces e.g. waterhammer. These hydraulic forces cause a wave of pressure to run up and down the pipework until the energy is dissipated. which in most cases is high enough to cause damage to plant.
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Non-Slam Piston check valve
Non-slam piston check valves are always installed in the line with the flow under the plug. Whenever the upstream pressure is at a higher pressure than the downstream pressure (usually by five psi or more), the piston is forced to open upward. A ball check valve in the piston relieves the fluid above the piston, allowing the piston to open quickly. Continued high upstream pressure keeps the valve open.
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