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Pilot operated pressure regulators
A well designed steam system will produce clean dry steam in the boiler house ready for delivery at high pressure through the distribution network.This maximises the potential to generate and supply saturated steam of the best quality at the lowest overall cost.

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The petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, spinning and weaving, printing and dyeing, paper-making, food, medicine,  air-condition equipment, etc.

1. No external power, reducing installation costs, and can be used for dangerous and dirty place.
2. Suitable for steam and compressed air systems. Ratio up to 10:1 pressure regulator to control accurately.
3. Through the precise control of process temperature, improve product quality and improve eciency.
4. A variety of temperature control, up to 160° C, suitable for the vast majority of process technology.

● Connection:1/2"-2",DN15-DN50 BSP/NPT, Flange DIN2532/EN1092-2、DIN2543-2545/EN1092-1、ANSI B16.5 class150/300
● Applicable temperature:100°C ~220°C
● PMA:26 bar g
● Working pressure dierence:0.2-17 bar
● Applicable size:1/2"-8",DN15-DN200
● Body:Ductile iron,Cast steel ,Stainless steel
● Cover:Stainless steel ANSI 416
● Seat:Cast steel Stainless steel ANSI 316
● Pistons:2Cr13
● Introduction stem valve seat:1Cr18ni9Ti
● Spring:50CrVA

Forex Pilot operated pressure regulators technical brochure

Forex DFV-2000 Pilot operated pressure regulators.pdf

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